About us

E-BOX DELIVERY is specialized in offering private individuals shipping of items bought in web shops that don't deliver the items themselves. We don't deliver ourselves, but we work exclusively with the most outstanding courier and shipping companies. The end result is a fast, secure and reliable delivery of your items.


The items are picked up within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) after the shop has packed them. The shipping time depends on the delivery destination. Generally this takes between 2–5 business days within the EU. We deliver the items directly to your door, or to your delivery address.  


We put very high demands on the shops when it comes to packing procedures and materials. We have to approve all packing materials, after we've submitted them to a series of tests. As a customer you can rely on your items arriving safely.


Because we only work with the largest and most esteemed courier and shipping companies, you can rest assured that your items are handled by professionals, from store pickup to final delivery at your doorstep.


Shipping is easily ordered over the Internet, through the shop where you bought the items. You don't have to become a member or open an account with us. All necessary information is sent automatically between the shop and ourselves. Just relax and wait for the courier to arrive at your doorstep and hand over your package!


As we deliver thousands of packages every day, we're able to negotiate affordable prices. These prices are passed on to you, the customer. Home delivery is included in all our prices. There are no extra fees. We aim for 100% satisfied customers, thanks to focusing on efficient deliveries and high customer service.